A novelty photo by Daiva Kaireviciute – pretending to get remarried.

A nice article and a photo by Irmantas Gelunas.


Anothter Irmantas Gelunas photo.


Fortieth Wedding Anniversary in Paris, 2018


Family Photo 2018
BOT on Subway
Found on the subway – a stranger reading one of my books.
Grandfather, grandson, and half a dog.
Grandfather, grandson, and half a dog.
Lecure in Vilnius 2015
Lecturing in Vilnius in 2015
Carpentry 2015
Building instead of writing.
Cousin Juozukas
With cousin Joe – kite enthusiast.
Panel 2015
I interview my faculty at the workshop in 2014 at the International Festival of Authors: Kevin Barry, Karen Connelly, Valerie Martin, Wayson Choy, Nino Ricci, (missing) David Bezmozgis.