Reviews and Appearances

Here is a link to my most  recent audio book review on Shelagh Rogers’s CBC Radio 1 show, The Next Chapter. Tongues: On Longing and Belonging through Language. It is a very fine anthology about the relationship one might have with a mother tongue.

My latest novel, Some Unfinished Business (formerly The Unbowed Heart)  has been picked up by Cormorant Books for publication in February of 2023. I am very pleased indeed.

Some Unfinished Business is a novel based on historical events that tell the story of a rhyming assassin, underground resistance, and precarious love in the Soviet Union of the postwar era

I also have a comic novel almost ready,  loosely based on both  Henri Murger’s Tales of the Latin Quarter (also the inspiration for the opera, La Boheme as well as the musical, Rent) and Neringa Jonšaitė’s Neringos Kavinė, but that will have to go on the back burner as I do a rewrite of the novel above first.

A Chinese translation of Woman in Bronze is in the works and I am negotiating an offer to write a book-length essay on bi-nationality.

I was in Europe for much of the spring and summer of 2022. I had a few literary readings in Lithuania and in May I  toured the translation of Buying on Time in Italy, translated as Tempus Fugit. Here is a link to some of the events.

I have just signed with the wonderful Italian house that did Tempus Fugit, Del Vecchio Editore, in order to have them bring out a translation of Underground in 2023.